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Duo Sabbah-Reyes

Formed in 2016, the Sabbah-Reyes duo brings the talented violist Marc Sabbah and pianist Eliane Reyes Reyes together. Having performed on some of the world's most prestigious stages, these two artists bring mastery, virtuosity, passion and a poetic sensitivity to their audiences. The repertoire for viola and piano is that of a philosophical and profound nature that requires a rich palette of sounds, timbres and a musical maturity found in the marvelous Duo Sabbah-Reyes.


Duo Sabbah-Reyes constitué depuis 2016, rassemble deux grands talents de la musique, l'altiste Marc Sabbah et la pianiste Eliane Reyes.
Habitués à se produire sur les scènes internationales les plus prestigieuses, ces artistes allient complicité, sensibilité, poésie, passion et virtuosité.
Le répertoire alto-piano consiste en des oeuvres philosophiques et profondes et exige une palette sonore et des richesses de timbres et de maturité que ce duo maîtrise avec brio.


Marc Sabbah and Eliane Reyes play 'Rapsodie' from Suite Hebraique by Ernest Bloch.  A live recording of a rehearsal by Duo Sabbah-Reyes for their upcoming concerts. Enjoy!

Duo Sabbah-Reyes 
is crowdfunding for their
1st album.
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Promo Clip

Marc Sabbah and Eliane Reyes play and talk about their duo. What is a viola, why did they choose Bloch, Schumann and de Falla? What is so special about this repertoire?

de Falla

Marc Sabbah and Eliane Reyes play 'El Paño Moruno' from Siete Cancoñes Populares Españolas' by Manuel de Falla.

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